06 February 2010


Here’s something I came up with years ago to help me work through the times that I’m just flat-out over it:

Imagine if you were somehow given the opportunity to trade places instantly with anyone in the world. Trade bodies, memories, everything.

Here’s the catch: it will be random.

Would you do it?

No. Way. I could end up in a war-torn country, or starving, or worse.

Ok, what about trading with someone on your continent?


In your country?


In your state?






On your street?

Not even then.

So there is a strange comfort that comes with loving my life enough to hang onto it under these conditions. How can I complain about anything if I wouldn’t trade what I’ve GOT for anything (even at random)?

There are SO many things that can go wrong with a trade like that, because people suffer through all kinds of trouble every day. Many people endure stuff that we can’t even imagine. Children are taken from parents… well, I’ll stop there since that’s about as bad as it gets, I think.

That’s it. Hope it helps.

(via e-mail forward)

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