21 December 2007

Christian Leadership

Real leadership is rooted in concrete, well-defined spirituality because it is ultimately creative... and messy. It means "loving the questions and all that is unsolved within you." It means taking risks and often being misunderstood. It means "serving" instead of being popular and relevant. It hurts and challenges us to keep going when it looks like everything is breaking down. It means that I -- and everyone I lead -- are made int he image and likeness of God and that the ugly words "no" and "failure" are not the final answer to humanity's purpose.

Chicken little cannot be the patron saint of leaders because genuine Christian leaders believe that everything that imitates and shares in god's creative power is good, even when many are trying to convince us that we are really well-disguised mistakes or that the world is too big and bad to ever be changed. Ultimately, we will build the kingdom on earth and that kingdom will overcome the heart of darkness. As Michael Himes says, the real temptation is not to accept "the goodness of being finite and so the goodness of being human." Real Christian leadership embraces the reality of being finite and human and then accepts God's invitation to move beyond those limits to touch the kingdom of God."

-Fr. Gary J. Bagley

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