03 December 2007

Church Museum

Stained-glass windows could be put on display
The Buffalo News
Everybody’s Column (Letters to the Editor)

During a recent trip to Chicago, I came across a stained-glass exhibit. This exhibit was comprised of various stained glass windows from structures throughout the Chicago area.

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is in the controversial process of closing some of its most beautiful churches. These churches for years were a major part of many Buffalonians’ daily lives.

People on the waterfront redevelopment committee are in the process of planning various
points of interest to attract visitors. A museum displaying some of the stained-glass art that once graced our magnificent places of worship around Buffalo seems like an appropriate attraction. Instead of these windows being auctioned off to various collectors around the country, they could once again be enjoyed and appreciated by the very people they were created for.

Gregory M. Blakowski

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