16 January 2008

+Edward Dennis Head (1919-2005)

Were John Wanye a bishop,
he would have been Edward Head.
Physically he was a giant among men.
(At 6'8" without his mitre on,
Pope John Paul II once told him he was the world's tallest bishop)
Pastorally and Theologically, and as a Shepherd and Leader,
he was equally imposing.
A man's man.
A priest's priest.
A giant in the age of giants.
When priests were manly men.
Larger than life in so many ways.
And yet, when he died,
and the archives were scoured to find a photo
that would capture the man:
his power, his ministry and his priesthood,
the picture decided upon wasn't regal;
showing strength, power, or ego.

The one that served him best was this...
always living his motto:
Charity Seeks Not Her Own
Talk about an episcopal portrait! And it was not staged.
(A few more like this wouldn't kill us...)

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