18 January 2008

Kickin' it Old School.... today....

Most photos like this are from the past.
This one is from the present.
A monk-cook turns hermit-carpenter and, somehow, the Kingdom of God is made a little more whole.
And while many will reflect on the nostalgia and romanticism of it, what should never be lost is the mystery of it...

Br. Elias at work in the Abbey of the Genesee carpenter shop.
Before moving out to the hermitage
he was one of the cooks for the community.
After becoming a hermit he did wood working for the community working in solitude most of the time.
"We can see in the Rule of Saint Benedict how nothing that is truly human ever becomes old-fashioned. Anything that really comes from the depths of our being remains a counsel of life that is always relevant...

This is a rule that springs from what is truly human, and it was able to formulate what was truly human because it looked out and listened beyond what is human and perceived the divine. Man becomes really human when he is touched by God."
Pope Benedict XVI

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