28 April 2008

a story

One chilly autumn day, as thousands of birds took wing and flew south to escape the frozen winter, one little bluebird decided he wasn't leaving with the rest. "A waste of time," he reasoned. "After all, I'll just have to fly all the way back again next spring." Soon, however, a record cold spell descended upon the land, and the little bird realized that he would have to leave. He winged his way up into the sky, but soon the icy air overcame him, his little wings froze, and he plummeted out of the sky. As fortune would have it, his nearly lifeless body landed in a large haystack, then fell onto the hard earth of a barnyard, near a group of cows.

Just as the little bluebird's heart, nearly frozen, was about to stop, a cow happened by and relieved itself directly above the little bird. The warm manure covered the bird, saving his life; his little heart started beating strongly, and his wings thawed out. Happy to be alive, the bluebird began to sing a beautiful song, which, as fate allowed, attracted the attention of the barnyard cat, who padded over, looked through the manure, found the little bird and promptly ate him.

This story ends with two morals:
1) Not everyone who dumps on us is necessarily our enemy
2) Not everyone who gets us out of the mess is necessarily our friend.

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