17 July 2008

See and Hear the Goodness

While gazing at the Saints, I overheard them say...

"Place yourself in Mary's hands;
she will think of everything
and provide for the needs of soul and body.
Therefore, be at peace, be at complete peace,
with unlimited confidence in her!”
St. Maximilian Kolbe

"Make yourself familiar with the angels,
and behold them frequently in spirit,
for without being seen, they are present with you."
St. Francis De Sales

"The other day--the little birds were singing in the woods. I began to weep. Poor little creatures, I thought within myself, the good God has made you to sing, and you sing. Yet man, who was created that he might love God, loves Him not!
St. John Vianney

“Let us adore Jesus in our hearts, who spent 30 years out of 33 in silence; who began his public life by spending 40 days in silence; who often retired alone to spend the night on a mountain in silence. He who spoke with authority, now spends his earthly life in silence. Let us adore Jesus in the eucharistic silence.”
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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