12 March 2012

I see God in you...


what are your plans for you?

domestic church

can't spell 'familiarity' without 'family'


Magic = Holiness

supreme adept

Simple Q:

Do you worry or do you trust in God?

Ya think???

From the British magazine The Tablet:
German Bishop Konrad Zdarsa plans to close 800 of the Diocese of Augsburgs's 1,000 parishes in the coming years.
"There is a lot of irritation and unrest in our diocese which is not only felt by a few grumpy people but by a large number of committed Catholics," said Fr. Max Stetter.

11 March 2012

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Fluctuation, Disturbances and Instability are where change happens. If you want change in your life, you can't be afraid of these three things.