20 March 2015


"Tell me what you criticize and I'll tell you who you are."  S. C. Hitchcock
"Be careful who you pick as an enemy, they're the ones you become most like,"  Nietze

11 March 2015

This is how...

“This is how the Lord acts: He does things simply. He speaks silently to you, to the heart. Let us remember in our lives the many time we have felt these things: the humility of God is His style; the simplicity of God is His style. And even in the liturgical celebration, in the sacraments, what is beautiful is that which manifests the humility of God, and not the worldly spectacle. It would do us good to journey through our life and to consider the many times the Lord has visited us with His grace, and always with this humble style, the style He calls us, too, to have: humility.”
—Pope Francis, daily homily, 3/9/15