09 March 2008

"I have found the only answer...

...is to love You and be loved by You alone."

"My happiness is found in less of me and more of you..."

h/t Cleveland's Cyber Cleric


Quickbeam of Fangorn said...

How are things in Buffalo? The migration shift btwn the Northeast and the South/southwest is placing quite a strain on the church.

I've note several church closings along with schools in the northeast, because Catholics have either left the church or move somewhere else.

Here in Texas we have over crowded churches and straining to get schools and churches built. But even as we build we don't have enough priests to fill the void.



The Buffalo said...

We are living in interesting times. We are, however, hopeful, that, like Christ himself, the Spirit is born from situations that aren't so neat and tidy.

Giving birth is a messy process... our diocese is in labor.