18 March 2008

Who visited YOUR church this holy week?

As first reported here.... and now here.... is it this?

Holy vision?

Updated: March 18, 2008 10:11 PM EDT

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - - Holy vision sightings have been around for years, the Virgin Mary on a garage door, in a window, her face on a grilled cheese sandwich recently gathered 28 thousand dollars on ebay.

Jesus images are just as common, on a frying pan, a fish stick and even a pancake and now, some Niagara Falls parishioners say his face is on the altar at St. John de Lasalle Church.

Rory Etopio, "Definately a vision, because it looked like christ to me."
Rory doesn't go to this church, but came by because she heard about the image.
Rory Etopio, "I came to stations of the cross to see it for myself, and I couldn't believe it."

But Father Lynn Shumway says there's a simple explanation for this odd appearance in his church.

Father Lynn Shumway, St. John de Lasalle Church, "There was an image because the way the altar cloth is folding in and the palms here are pushing back one part of it."

He's pretty skeptical that this might might have a deeper meaning, even during holy week.
Father Lynn Shumway, St. John de Lasalle Church, "They say that we find god in the everyday things of life and if we find him in folds of an altar cloth well that's fine and good."

On Monday nights stations of the cross service, around 100 worshipers showed up, a service that typically gets around 10-15 people.

But you don't think there's anything to this really?

Father Lynn Shumway, St. John de Lasalle Church, "If there was I'd take up a collection!"

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Jeffrey Smith said...

Something similar happened with a spot of moisture on a wall at my parish, several years ago. When a few people started getting excited, the pastor nipped it in the bud by saying "what's the big deal? We have the real Jesus right over there in the tabernacle."