03 August 2008

2 = 1

The Christian's own "worldly" experience of faith, his own deepening commitment to the Whole Christ within the process of his personal integration into the family of man, will gradually cause the false dichotomy between God and the world to disappear. God is truly "Other," but His presence to man is normally through matter, through the incarnational way of knowing that is natural to man.

The absolute dichotomy between God and man is within the order of existence, within the fundamental difference between the Creator and the created. It is not within the order of the "presence" of the Creator to the created. Here God has chosen to speak with us in our own language, through the "common" in human life, most especially through man's daily interpersonal communion with his fellow man.

By thus uniting the transcendence and immanence of Christ within his own personal presence to all of reality, the Christian's interpersonal communication becomes the effective material sign, the sacramental presence of the Lord Jesus whose resurrected and glorified presence to the Father continues to reveal itself to men through both the agape actions and the expressed needs of human interpersonal relationships.

Edwin McMahon, JJ & Peter Campbell, JF
Becoming a Person in the Whole Christ

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