08 February 2009

Ora Pro Nobis

I kneel before your Miraculous Image Oh Most Holy Mother of God - Our Lady of Czestochowa... Mother of the Dark and Saddened face.

Enfold me Oh Mother of all Graces in your most loving arms as you enfold your beloved Son. Let me, sinner though I am, experience your Motherly love and protection.

With all humility of heart, I seek your powerful intercession with God and your most beloved Son, Jesus Christ. With your loving eyes - look kindly upon the petitions I place before you at this time...

I come before you a sinner - undeserving of your slightest glance.

I come before you knowing full well how often I have failed to listen to the voice of your beloved Son.

I come before you unworthy of your love and yet full of confidence:

Confident that your love can change me.
Confident that your intercession can save me.
Confident that your motherly love will be open to me.
Confident that your prayers can gain for me the ability to accept God's will.

Obtain for me Oh Most Holy Mother of Czestochowa those blessings that will assure me eternal salvation.

Mother Most Holy- Queen of Poland- present my petitions before the throne of God and of your Most beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

I promise to always spread devotion to your Miraculous Image - Oh Most Holy Queen of Poland and Lady of Czestochowa. Under your protection I place my life and all my needs.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Greetings from another Buffalo Catholic.