12 April 2009

Wait for it...

I don't have the right personality for Good Friday, for the Crucifixion: I'd like to skip ahead to the resurrection vision of one of the kids in our Sunday school, who drew a picture of the Easter Bunny outside the tomb: everlasting life and a basketful of chocolates. Now you're talking.

In Jesus' real life, the resurrection came two days later, but in our real lives, it can be weeks, years, and you never know for sure when it will come.

I don't have the right personality for the human condition, either. But I believe in the resurrection - In Jesus' and in ours. The trees so stark and gray last month, suddenly went up as if in flame, but instead, in blossoms and leaves - poof! Like someone opening an umbrella. It's hard to find similar dramatic evidence of rebirth and hope in our daily lives.

-Anne Lamott

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