15 November 2009

Restless until it rests in You...

All of us understand and have experienced the pressures and demands of life related to the pursuit of goals. We have stress in graduate school, stress at work, stress with families and stress with financial matters. It’s interesting that we tolerate this stress in the pursuit of a goal that we’re not really sure will make us satisfied in the end. In fact, many things that are valued, such as money and environmental factors (house, decor, auto, ect.) are what Herzberg calls “hygiene factors”. In other words, they do not increase satisfaction, but rather reduce dissatisfaction. According to the nuances of this theory, satisfaction and dissatisfaction are two different things, and different factors influence each. Theoretically, you can reduce dissatisfaction with an abundance of “hygiene” factors, but still be left with no satisfaction. The simple essence of the theory is that “hygiene” factors fulfill physiological needs, whereas “motivator” factors (such as achievement, experience, growth) fulfill psychological needs.


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