29 December 2009

Reflections on the Christ

He was conceived and born contrary to all biological law.

He grew up to be a very bothersome man.

He told the truth and it cost Him His life.

He could have avoided assassination by going fishing in Galilee for the weekend.

He was often seen talking and laughing after His death.

He remains forever a question mark with which people are never quite finished.

Non-believers forever worry lest they might be wrong.

The Church He founded is discussed daily on the first pages of the major newspapers of the world.

What might He have accomplished has He lived to 50?

As a babe, He terrified a King. As a youngster, He puzzled scholars. As a man, He intimidated a Roman Governor.

He was constantly in hot water. He did not seem to mind. He felt it would keep Him clean. He has no training in psychiatry. Yet, He has cured more minds and spirits than anyone else in history. - G.K. Chesterton.

Alexander, Caesar, and Napoleon established mighty empires by force. He began His with love and service. Theirs have disappeared. His remains.

Statesmen have legislated on their turn. Artists and philosophers have reigned for a short period. Some have said they were more popular than He. But their names are written in the sand. His is spoken with frequency by one billion followers.

Each week, millions assemble to salute Him in the Eucharist. He spoke that last night to a small band of illiterate men as though the memorial ceremony would continue down through the centuries. History has proved Him correct.

He calls us to Liturgy both to remember Him and worship Him.

The first food consumed on the moon was bread and wine consumed in His name.

Those who discover they cannot believe in Him live with sorrow. Those who believe but lack the courage to resemble Him survive with regret.

Though centuries separate us from Him, He is more vital than we. We will not even be memories in the next generation, but He will flourish.

He no longer stands in the dock. He has nothing to prove. He has survived the test of time. It is we who are on trial in our reaction to Him.

Unlike countless peoples who impacted society by jumping in front of it and going with the flow, He got in front of the parade to take it in the opposite direction.

No historian can portray humanity honestly without giving Him the foremost place. - H.G. Wells.

Millions utter His name upon rising. Other millions will shout it throughout the day in anger or pain. For still other millions, it is the last name they whisper before they die and the first they expect to speak when they awaken in His presence.

He is the hero you could never invent. - Robert Griffin.

Angels rush to Him. Devils flee from Him.

He not only pushed the envelope. He broke through it.

In a poor mans apparel, He pursues us always.

He is the long delayed but always expected something we live for. - Tennessee Williams.

His name is not so much written into the history of the world as ploughed. - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

He changed B.C into A.D. - Harry Emerson Fosdick.

He has no interest in people theorising about Him but rather reproducing Him in their lives. - Albert Nolan.

It is not He who needs us. It is we who need Him.

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