07 February 2012

clothe himself with our debt to death

Christ is the one and only Way that will bring us to God. He comes from God; he came down that we may go back up with him and by him. He becomes one of us in his human nature and did not hesitate to clothe himself with our debt to death and all its consequences, to put on the skin garment of our lowly human condition.

Therefore we have to study carefully the incidents of his earlthy life because the stages he passed through on his earthly journey are the pattern of our ascent to God:

His bodily growth is the exemplar of our spiritual progress to such an extent that what we read of his development is experienced, step by step, spiritually, by those who go steadily forward. (St. Aelred)

The Monastic Theology of Aelred of Rievaulx
Amedee Hallier, OCSO

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