30 November 2007

A Victory for Holy Mother Church!

News item from the National Catholic Reporter:

"A letter from the Bishop of Boise. ID, may have provided the gravitas a campaign needed to persuade the U.S. Board on Geographic Names to change the name of a hill 38 miles north of Pocatello, ID, to St. Mary's Knoll. It had been called St. Mary's Nipple, which Bishop Michael Driscoll said needed to be renamed out of respect for all women. A local group had been petitioning for a change since 1995. In June, after the Board deadlocked over the name change in a 4-4 vote, Driscoll wrote the Board urging the change."


Next campaign: All places named "Maidenhead" (eg, in England and, I believe, Cape Cod). We all know what THAT means!

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