26 July 2008


Go ahead... Enter your blog... It adds a whole new spin to the world of Catholic Church Bloging...

(Especially if you have something written by Benny the XV-Izzle on it:

Why is God silent? Why does he witdraw? Why is it that jizzle tha opposite of what I wanted is happen'n? This distance between what Jesus promised n what we experience in our own lives makes you think, every time - it has tizzy effect in each generizzles fo` each single person, n even fo` me . Ill slap tha taste out yo mouf.

Each one of us has ta struggle ta work out an playa fo` himself, so thizzat in tha end he comes ta understand why God has spoken ta him precisely like that , chill yo. Augustine n otha bootylicious Christians say that God gives us what is bizzle fo` us - even wizzy we do not recognize this at first.

Often, we think that exactly tha opposite of wizzle he does would really be bizzle fo` us with the S-N-double-O-P. We hizzy ta learn ta accept this pizzath, which, on tha basis of our experience n our suffer'n, is difficult fo` us, n ta see it as tha way in which God is ballin' us fo' sheezy. God's way is often a path that enormously reshapes n remolds our life, a path in which we is truly changed n straightened out . Slap your mutha fuckin self.

To that extent, we have ta say thizzat this "Ask, n you will receive" certainly cannot mizzle tizzle I can cizzay God in as a handyman who wizzle makes mah life eazy ever time I wizzle sum-m sum-m. Or who wizzle takes away frontin' n ridin'. On tha contrary, it means tizzle God def hears me n whiznat he grants me is, in tha way known only ta hizzay what is rizzight fo` me.

God And The World
Pope Benedict XVI )



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Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

This is hysterical! Thanks!