03 April 2011

by their gentleness

The cross of the only begotten Son is God's 'disclosure-zone' in showing us how serious our situation is when such a drastic intervention in history was required: God's becoming in his turn the victim of human injustice.

But in the forgiveness he expressed in dying and in the universal scope of his death, Jesus revealed the all-embracing nature of God's love: Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing (Lk 23-34).

Most noteworthy of all is the fact that after his resurrection, unlike other victorious conquering kings, he did not settle scores nor display any anger against his friends who had betrayed him. On the contrary his recorded appearances are distinguished by their gentleness (Jn 21), even if he still had to rebuke some of them for their unbelief (Lk 24:25;38).

Meeting Christ in His Mysteries
Gregory Collins, OSB

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