16 April 2011


As Christians, we are called to holiness and nothing less. You and I are not just called to be merely nice or kind or morally right. Each of us is called to be holy, whatever state in life or vocation we are ultimately called to live. Its not just that special person or saint, or someone who is able rise to the heights of mystical prayer, it is the authentic person living a daily ordinary life.

Authentic Christian holiness, however, is made of far sturdier stuff. Real Christian holiness is about entering into God’s life, giving over one’s life to God, becoming like God, loving as God loves in one’s daily life. And, of course, “becoming like God” and “loving as God loves,” as the example of Jesus shows us, means self-giving, self-offering and self-less service of others, modeled after the example of Jesus. Christian holiness, then, always stands under the Cross, as the great pattern of pouring out or lives in love and in service of others. In many ways, there is nothing more “this-worldly” than true holiness.

- Excerpt from Priestly Virtues: Reflections
on the Moral Virtues in the Life of the
Priest by Rev. Mark O’Keefe, OSB

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