01 June 2008

Never Alone. Always with ourselves.

A brother was restless in his community and he was often irritated. So he said, I will go and live somewhere by myself. I will not be able to talk or listen to anyone and so I shall be at peace, and my passionate anger will cease.

He went out and lived alone in a cave. But one day he filled his jug with water and put it on the ground. Suddenly it happened to fall over. He filled it again, and again it fell. This happened a third time. In a rage he snatched up the jug and smashed it.

Coming to his senses, he knew that the demon of anger had mocked him, and he said, Here am I by myself, and he has beaten me. I will return to the community. Wherever you live, you need effort and patience and above all God's help. So he got up, and went back.

A Desert Father
The Monastic Way

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