29 June 2008

Sum Paulus

Paul like most of us had his faults and foibles, his personality quirks. He suffered the ignorance and ingratitude of others poorly. He could be deeply upset when people distorted and misrepresented him and his views. He seems to overreact when people question his authority and truthfulness.

But withal he was a great and magnanimous soul with enormous natural and spiritual talents. Once Jesus confronted him and sought his faith, he surrendered completely and gave his faith unreservedly and irrevocably to Christ. The job he felt Jesus assigned him to do, he undertook tenaciously and with great distinction.

For the Risen Lord he became and remained a responsible and energetic Apostle, Evangelist, Preacher, Missionary, Teacher/Pastor, Motivator, Consoler, Theologian, Inspired Writer.

The success of his efforts is evident in subsequent Christian history. His work withstood the test of time; it became and remains normative for most Christians. He was without question a great discovery and acquisition. Jesus was exceptionally well served by Paul.

Paul: His Letters, Message And Heritage
Michael Taylor, SJ

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